In terms of Financial Intelligence Centre Act we are required to establish whether any prospective or existing client is a domestic or foreign prominent influential person or a known associate or family member of a prominent influential person.

Domestic Prominent Influential Person

A domestic prominent influential person is an individual who holds, including in an acting position for a period exceeding 6 months, or who has held at any time in the preceding 12 months in the Republic:

1. A prominent public function, including that of:

  1. President or Deputy President
  2. Government minister or deputy minister
  3. Premier of a Province
  4. Executive Council member of a province
  5. Executive mayor of a municipality
  6. Leader of a political party
  7. Member of a royal family or senior traditional leader
  8. Head, accounting officer or chief financial officer of a national or provincial department or government component
  9. Municipal manager or chief financial officer of a municipality
  10. Chairperson of the controlling body, chief executive officer, chief financial officer or chief investment officer of a municipal entity
  11. Constitutional court judge or any other judge
  12. Ambassador or high commissioner or other senior representative of a government based in the Republic
  13. Officer of the South African National Defense Force above the rank of major-general

2. the position of:

  1. Chairperson of the board of directors
  2. Chairperson of the audit committee
  3. Executive officer
  4. Chief financial officer

of a company, if that company provides goods or services to an organ of state above a Gazetted annual transnational amount.

3. the position of head, or other executive directly responsible to the head, of an international organisation based in the Republic

Foreign Prominent Influential Person

A foreign prominent influential person is an individual who holds, or who has held at any time in the preceding 12 months, in a foreign country, a prominent public function including that of:

  1. Head of state or head of a country or government
  2. Member of a foreign royal family
  3. Government minister or equivalent senior politician or leader of a political party
  4. Senior judicial official
  5. Senior executive of a state owned corporation
  6. High ranking member of the military

Family members and known associates of domestic and foreign influential persons

Close associates are individuals who are closely connected to a prominent influential person. Immediate family members include the following:

  1. Spouse, civil partner or life partner
  2. Previous spouse, civil partner or life partner
  3. Children and step-children and their spouses, civil partners or life partners
  4. Parents
  5. Siblings and step-siblings and their spouses, civil partners or life partners

If you fall into any of the above categories please indicate your status below in the application form.